“I almost cried in front of Montenegrin beauty." Petar Lubarda, one of the greatest Yugoslav painters of 20. century

The first thing that you notice when in plane above Montenegro is how little it takes to replace the view of high, wild mountains of the north with azure of Adriatic Sea. That makes the loveliest charm of this small Balkan country. In only one day you can have your morning coffee at beautiful terrace of Hotel “Poseidon” in Jaz, have lunch accompanied by birds’ song at Skadar Lake and have national specialty for dinner in the slopes of Durmitor.

One of the youngest and smallest countries in the world has rich history, whose first traces are found with ancient Illyrians and Greeks. Numerous cultural-historical monuments, especially along Montenegrin coastline witness early civilizations that fought over these valuable parts.

Nature has been very generous toward Montenegro.

Clear blue sea with endless beaches, untamed rivers, gentle lakes and dignified mountain ranges intertwine in small area and promise unforgettable rest full of surprises and excitement.

Tourist season in Montenegro is divided in winter and summer part, and the trend in last decades is to bring them closer and offer to guests as much attractive content before and after season as possible.

Today’s Montenegro features various manifestations, out of which most part is organized at global level, and most prominent socialites attract increasing number of guests.

Lately, due to global trends, Montenegro experiences development of rural households and eco-tourism, but also extreme sports that are enjoyed by increasing number of tourists.